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Oct 6, 2012 8:00am PDT
's vehicle towing and storage operations. if the sfmta requests additional lease improvements, the sfmta would pay the landlord prologis high interest rates, nine to ten percent. he is considering our recommendation. the related costs to be paid by the sfmta could increase by over 39%, or 690,070 in first year from 1.8 million dollars at pier 70 to 2.5 million daly city. presently under sfmta's lease at pier 70 the rental cost for towing and storage operations are fully reimbursed from the license fee charged to auto return. that fee is not anticipated to be increased, sfmta tells us, therefore the increased rental expense is to be borne by the sfmta; in other words, a new expense. according to sfmta prologis moved faster than sfmta to purchase the proposed bayshore site. the sfmta decided to lease with total renter of 70.2 million over the first 20 years. that does not include the two five-year options. such rental costs of 70.2 million exceed the purchase price of 2650 bayshore boulevard, or the price including interest to purchase other comparable properties. they told us they looked
Oct 3, 2012 12:00pm PDT
own, i'm curious as from your interest point you want to lock in the sfmta ten years. given the fact the value of this property could go up why it is in prologis's interest to lock in when you may find a tenant that has the ability to pay far more than the city of san francisco. >> that is a great question. it is an analysis we constantly do in our very high demand areas like the city of san francisco. but the decision i made was to provide the certainty of this investment. locking it into a longer term. most groups that we were talking with were interested in a longer term, because it is very challenging. if we decided to go for a shorter term, it is very tough to pinpoint exactly what the building is going to be worth in seven years or ten years. so that is the risk that we take in entering into anything long-term. it is the nature of what we do. we had to make that decision. >> i mean there's risk on both ends. the value could go up tremendously and you are locked into this deal with us at a cheaper rate or the value goes down but at least you have that certainty for your investo
Oct 19, 2012 3:30pm PDT
. thank you. >> thank you so much for your information. moving on to our next item, no. 11, sfmta multi modal accessibility advisory committee update. presentation by mdc council member roland wong. >> thank you very much. i will start off, san francisco has one of the longest standing committees to advise san francisco metropolitan transportation agency. the sfmta maac multi modal accessibility advisory committee, a 21-member strong voice of seniors and people with disabilities. a few projects we have accomplished is the big project like st. francis circle, like when they have, we've done the rails and made the pathways, way finding ramps, everything much more accessible. like minor enhancements like a (inaudible) station by installing automatic push button for better access to the station. we're working in progress weigh in concerns with bikes and pedestrian safety. another thing that we are trying to work on is better access to bart and access busses. many busses are blocked by vehicles that interfere, a path in order to enter or exit a bus like the 1846 avenue and 31 balboa b
Oct 22, 2012 12:30am PDT
it would be open to the sfmta or sf state delivering the project. the sfmta has expressed concerns over the ut mcallisters improvement project and working to schedule all meeting on that with uc-hastings -- yes. [ laughter] >> i'm glad to know i'm not the only one thinking that thought. who is going to be working with uc-hastings? >> sfmta. >> thank you. >> okay. i was even thinking it. i'm sorry. i mentioned the next week we are looking to schedule meeting between sfmta, other departments to determine what the agencies might have with delivering and bring updates to the next programs committee meeting. other projects in this project simply dropped out, not recommended for funding because category x ran out of funds after projects ready to go. the sfmta has concern over posting, bond saving projects and project deacons. these were seeking fundss in 14-15, 15-16, some of out years k be funded with the prop case sales tax dollars under the next prop a priorityization updates or future prop aa funds, which come about as a result of cost savings from other prop aa projects or program funds
Oct 3, 2012 10:00pm PDT
or peninsula area. it really is almost impossible to find. as james and sfmta have been looking for sites, you could pull out a parcel map and partially identify 10, 15, 20 sites that exist. they are that size. to accommodate the uses you are looking to replace. from a big picture standpoint you are dealing with a small supply of properties that could work. whether they are available or not. then an incredibly large demand for sites like that. from a land perspective, you know, sites -- there's a higher and better use for most of the sites. you look at the rehabilitation that's gone on in san francisco and all the new development, most are redeveloped for offices, research and development, biotech, you know, housing. there is a higher value than storing towed cars. you know, it is used as incredibly difficult to find. when you find an opportunity you will be one of multiple users, owners, developers who are interested in the site. one of the things that kirsten was talking about was the time frame. i was involved in the prologis site for the property. had they not reacted immediately, they wo
Oct 4, 2012 11:30pm PDT
question, i do believe it is a good deal, or at least a reasonable deal for the sfmta -- i guess what i would say is just because it is a good deal for the person on the other side of the signature block doesn't necessarily mean it is a bad deal for us. how we got to the point of seeking the purchase versus now bringing this lease to you, i would like to ask our real estate manager, cfo, to speak more directly to that. >> i appreciate that. i have specific questions about the lease. i don't have a problem with people making money on the other side, just don't want the mta to be taken advantage of. i think we need to get -- because if this is something that -- you know, if this is something that is a systemic problem where we are missing out on these opportunities, i would like to know how this happened because i think it really is an important issue. >> fair enough. >>> good morning, supervisors. i'm kirsten mcgeary, senior management real estate, mta. so it's been a long process for us to find this site. we have looked at a number of properties for many years. we've been asked, why thi
Oct 17, 2012 5:30am PDT
have been heavily advanced to provide san francisco's local match contribution because sfmta has been unable to contribute to its own financial challenges. a strategic planned amendment is needed in order to fully fund caltran's request, allowing advance of approximately 1.9 million in prop k from fiscal years 2004 to 205, to 20-13 and the guideways category. among other requests we received, the san francisco transportation agency has requested 136,000 in prep k for design and construction of crosswalk and guardrail, modifications at the intersection of the ohsanessey and dale dell. also requesting 35,727 to construct crosswalks and red visibility curbs at controlled pedestrian cross. finally department of public works has requested 20,000 for curb side and landscape improvements on 24th adjacent to 24th commission bart administration southwest plaza. southwest curb and landscaping are scope elements of the 24th street mission. bart improvements project and full scope of plaza improvements should be completed in november 2013. we have representatives from the agencies requesting fund
Oct 3, 2012 9:30pm PDT
purchased this property last summer so need to gone rate dividends for shareholders. this enables sfmta the time to get our money together to purchase. we would like to purchase before 20 years, no doubt about it. >> again, i appreciate the information and i appreciate the work you've put into . this my question was not what other properties you have looked at but if we have known since 2004 there was a need to move somewhere else, if have known two years, got notice from the port for two years, that's a long time, how it is if we knew we had this need, why is it that someone like that would be able to move in quicker than we? is there something about the way in which the real estate department at the mta approaches its deals that makes it hard for you to be competitive relative to companies like this one that actually want to maximize the revenue? what happened exactly? >> again, it is a process. it's been 14 months no negotiate the lease. it is more time consuming for the city to do a deal. we don't have $21 million sitting around, waiting for us to do a deal. it takes time to get the
Oct 17, 2012 6:00am PDT
of concerns and three other roadways in mcclaren park. we are currently working with sfmta and dpw on project funding and project implementation. as a team we are intending to go back with the proposalal. in closing i would like to thank the agency staff, sfmta and dpw for much needed support during the process and thank you for your time and consideration of this very important project. >> thank you. thanks for your comments. next speaker please. >> good morning, elizabeth stamp, executive director. we are excited this is moving forward. we were a big advocate for the proposition into include funding for pedestrian improvements and transit improvements. we advocated for its passage as well and it's been a long wait so we are excited to see it moving forward to fund projects. one concern is nexus with pedestrian safety is not totally clear on all of the projects being put forward. as folks mentioned it is a small pay as you go source. having that go toward allowing countdown signals along high-injury corridors throughout the city makes a lot of sense. those are the corridors that the mayor's
Oct 4, 2012 6:00am PDT
in san francisco, and sfmta garage is one of our corner stone location partners for the launch of our public data, we're very happy to have director of the sfmta ed risken here to say a couple of words at our launch. er >> thank you and good morning, as the city's transportation director, i have the privilege of managing the mta which is the agency in san francisco responsible for implementing the city's transit first policy. in order to implement that policy, there's two key things we need, we need strong leadership and innovation and what we're seeing today is the manifestation of just that in san francisco. what we need to do as the government and the transportation agency is make sure there are good choices available to people in terms of how they get around san francisco. we want people to feel like they don't need to get in their car, they don't want to get in their car, maybe like supervisor chiu and i, they don't own a car because there are other good options for them to get around san francisco and there are ways they can get around that aren't going to clog our streets with
Oct 29, 2012 2:30pm PDT
to accomplish a few things today. three key simple things. first is just a hearing from sfmta folks. thank you for being here with us today. an evaluation of the on-street pilot program. i'm curious to hear about what works and what hasn't worked and want to work through some of the challenges that you've identified. second, to discuss with sfmta and the department of the environment, director, thanks for being here, on what your objectives are and strategies are for expanding car sharing into neighborhoods. and third, have a thoughtful discussion with departments and stakeholders hereof a possibility of implementing one-way car sharing programs here in san francisco. so, with that very short introduction, i'd like to bring up sfmta for their presentation. please hold your applause for the end. >> supervisor wiener, did you have a comment? supervisor wiener. >> thank you, and thank you, supervisor cohen, for calling a hearing on this very important subject, specifically car sharing. and i agree that it's extremely important that we provide car-sharing access in all parts of the city. and thank
Oct 19, 2012 3:00pm PDT
have communicated these concerns many times to you, mayor lee, to the board of supervisors, the sfmta board of directors and sfmta staff. in that time the campaign against cars has intensified and become more insidious and our concerns have not been addressed in a major way. therefore, after careful consideration and with regret, i have chosen to resign. thanks to all of you for the opportunity to serve as chair of the physical access committee and work with the mod and many other volunteers. sincerely. i had planned to stop after that, but a couple of things happened on wednesday, just two days ago, this wednesday, that i have to mention. i'm a volunteer guide, tour guide, at city hall, as many of you know. a bit before noon on wednesday i was on my way to meet a friend for lunch before my tour and as i was rolling east on fell between masonic and central, a bicyclist was riding west on the sidewalk on fell street. i asked him politely to please not ride on the sidewalk. i said please, i didn't yell. as he said past me, he yelled something i could not understand. a few minute
Oct 16, 2012 4:30pm PDT
for about 12 years. and i've been told when i putmmy free. and i've received a letter from sfmta saying that i'm eligible to by it for 250. and i just want to show my feeling -- i'm -- reported from the mta that i've spent so many years trying to get to a point where i been told, and now just i feel like i've been let down by these 200 medallions given to companies and i feel i've been left over and i don't feel that's right and i've been working hard and had to make decisions to start driving a cab and since -- i'm are sorry i was not clear enough but you got the message. i please urge you to review your -- decisions lately that doesn't help cab drivers who are part of the mta and who helped build this industry -- who just came. thank you for listening to me although i didn't make sense but i think you got my thoughts. >> amad albond. >> good afternoon. this is my second time here. today. and i've workedwy time, which was last month, going to two towng-q]2 meetingd as such we're going to be in the agenda today. speak today. but i don't think i have enough time. and i think that the sa
Oct 16, 2012 10:30am PDT
and the sfmta and we're also looking into the process efficiency and making sure our delivery makes the best use of our limited resources. as has been mentioned, we currently have 3 tracks, the arterial and commercial, local and residential streets and schools. the local and residential program is application based and we get a lot of interest from residents around the city. over the years we have really focused most of our traffic calming dollars on that local category so as you can see in this
Oct 23, 2012 8:30am PDT
lucky to have a bunch of people from sfmta, many of them are here. my job is to introduce the awardees. please join me and give a hand for jay primus, george reynolds, steven lee, and lorraine fuqua. >> thank you. this is a tremendous honor. it really does feel fabulous to be recognized. one of the relief fund things about this project is that it is just complex enough and just big enough that it is truly a case where hundreds of people were required to really get it off the ground. there's really nothing -- that's the kind of thing we dream about. working shoulder to shoulder with that many people to make something happen. it has never happened before. what a pleasure. unfortunately, the mfac award is limited to four people. we are up here representing an entire team. some of that court team is here tonight, including lauren, alex, lisa foster, hank wilson, lesley, jason lee, and brendan monaghan. [applause] those are some of the folks -- those are just some of the folks that really made sfpark happen. i hope you have a chance tonight to meet and congratulate them. these incredibly de
Oct 23, 2012 11:00am PDT
the sfmta on reaching that important mile stone and thank everyone involved in making that funding possible. of course, including the members of the board that have been supportive for this and advocated for this project and our star that have been working on this. secondly, on october 12th, we marked a major milestone. we have the ground breaking of the presidio park way. we were honored to have minority leader pelosi as well as the highway administrator, victor mendez and malcolm dougherty. we want to thank speaker pelosi and the project has received significant amount of money be it stimulus money to open it. the first phase opened in april. this second phase is important because it would be delivered through a public-private partnership it will rely on a concession to deliver the project on time and fixed price and operate and maintain to specific standards for the next 30 years. so we're very pleased with this development. i think in all, we have a good month for public transportation here in the city and countiy of san francisco. we want to remind the prop k local sales tax is being u
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 208 (some duplicates have been removed)